gnome-terminal, X resources and function key programming.


I am on a quest and I'm accepting any and all nuggets of wisdom you
might wish to give.  The quest is two fold:
a) to get the menu popped with a right click on the root window to
   start a terminal with a login shell.  Currently it's not and if I
   start one with the panel and re-login, then it doesn't seem to be a 
   login shell.
b) to assign some arbitrary strings to function keys.  I can't find
   any none-source documentation for gnome-terminal or kvt which
   allows me the sort of functionality that the Translations class
   class for xterm does.

I am aware of and would be happy for your guidance on:
a) the fact I might be using the list inappropiately;  I have watched
   the list for a short time and see much more traffic on the design
   and development of gnome apps rather than usage.  I am not aware
   of a better place I came here from the web page.
b) my assumption that gnome apps would rely on X resources for
   configuraion information.  While most X terminal emulators have
   previously used this method, gnome may have a different approach.
   I admit to being unaware of it, I have used gnome for less than a
   week but I am trying to find this information w/o resorting to
   source code.

For the record I installed RedHat 6.0 on my desktop PC while a SUN
server was on it's back at work, decided to take a gander at gnome and
while it seems highly configurable I am stymied by the lack of
information about config NOT done by mouse.  I am relatively
proficient with Linux and X.

What say you, people?

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