Re: xsession errors

>I just started to use Gnome and Enlightenment.
>It seems to work, however, my .xsession-errors
>file contains the following:
>|Gdk-Message: Got event for unknown window: 0
>|Gdk-Message: Got event for unknown window: 0
>|esd: Esound sound daemon already running or stale UNIX socket
>|This socket already exists indicating esd is already running.

Can't help you with this one, I'm afraid.

>|xscreensaver-command: no screensaver is running on display :0.0
>|xscreensaver disabling server builtin screensaver.
>|xscreensaver: you can re-enable it with "xset s on".
>|access control disabled, clients can connect from any host

I used to get this if I disabled the screensaver from the Control Center.
The fix for me was to remove screensaver-properties-capplet from my Startup
Programs. I think this might be a minor bug (screensaver-properties-capplet
shouldn't run xscreensaver-command if "No Screensaver" is selected), but it
might be something I have configured wrongly.

>|subshell.c: couldn't get terminal settings: Inappropriate ioctl for

Can't help you here. Sorry.

Michael Rogers

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