Starting to code with gnome-libs and ???

I am using Gtk for quite some time already, so I know all the basics. Now I
have decided to write a planetarium application mostly because there is no
good one under Linux. :-) So, I have some code written already and it is
now using GtkDrawingArea widget. There is a screenshot for those who's

I looked at GnomeCanvas and decided that this is what I shall move to.
Having decided that, I acquired a few questions:

	1. First of all, I can't compile gnome-libs on my Ultra 10. It says it
	   wants Berkeley db. Where do I get one? I looked at my RH6.0 box
	   and could not find one either.
	2. A programming question. Reading the headers and a little
	   development doc, I think, I got a more-or-less clear idea on
	   how to code with GnomeCanvas. There is one thing, though, that
	   I can't understand. How does one group the GnomeCanvasItem's?
	   As far as I understand, one has to create a group before doing

Thanks big,

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