Some ideas on killer apps we need

For some time now I've been wanting to put this down on the list. Well
here goes.

The GNOME project has so far consisted on core packages (gnome-core,
gnome-media, gnome-network, etc.) and apps which people have created
seperately. It seems to me that there are a number of things that need

1. Since the vast majority of us use the Internet, decent apps for this
are sorely needed. A mailer backend(?) is being developed, and a number of
end-user mail apps are also under construction. While this is good, we
shouldn't just be concentrating on mail.

A large number of us are regulars in Internet Newsgroups, or USENET. From
what I can tell, other than News Peruser (who's website is currently down,
but who's interface from the early Beta of version 4 was quite slow and
user-unfriendly) and Pan (looks promising), we don't have much to offer.

2. We need a decent Program package maintainer app. if you were to combine
rpm and apt, and then make a decent GNOME UI, I think you'd have a killer.

Just some thoughts on a rather hot day in Sunny England.

James Green
Home of the 56k FAQ.

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