Damn you beat me to it - however this review niggled me because there
where many small errors (of course I can't remember what they are right
now ;-)  but overall I think they were fair and got it about right,
although I still prefer GNOME (of course). 

Still 10 months ago (when I started lurking in this list) you would be
lucky to find a reference to linux in mainstream press let alone GNOME or
KDE, let alone a review of either, let alone either being distributed on
the cover disc.

Can't wait for what the next 10 months will bring ;-) (A working version
of that killer mail app I hope ;-)


On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Iain wrote:

> PC Plus (issue 155) has a GNOME vs KDE article.
> I can type it up if anyone wants to see it, but the quick verdict is
> GNOME 7/10
> + Free and fun
> - No integrated windowmanager
> - a shortage of apps
> - not enough end user documentation
> - too many bugs
> KDE 9/10
> + Free
> + Reliable and configurable with interoperable applications and utilities
> - Despite progress, documentation could be better.
> (Interesting - GNOME got 9/10 for value for money while KDE got can
> who have more value for money than FREE?)
> Iain
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