Re: sessions and active placement

* Greg Fall <> writes:

> I use active window placement in enlightenment, and whenever I start a
> GNOME session, I have to sit and babysit, putting the help browser and the
> file manager where I want them (I don't save my sessions because I'd be

I have a 0.16 snapshot version of E and it lets you "Remember..."
location, size, stickyness etc.

> Just for laughs (OT) I'll also mention that with active placement,
> enlightenment dies (has since day 1), and not gracefully (i.e. it
> freezes), if any existing gtk+ window has a popup menu out and a new
> window appears, waiting to be put somewhere.  Try it.

Just report it as a bug to the right people. You should probably
be checking if it is still happening with the most recent version


Colin Marquardt <>

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