Re: Configuring new user's gnome setup

Part of it can be done quite easily.  Create the following directories:

You can put config files in these directories, and they will be used by
new users (the config directory acts as defaults, the config-override is
used to fix certain keys).  This can be used to configure a number of
things, but does not do panel configuration very well at present.



On 22 Jul 1999, David G. Wonnacott wrote:

> We'll be using Gnome in a new introductory CS lab, and we'll need to
> be able to set up Gnome for a significant number of new accounts.
> We're using RedHat Linux 6.0, and Gnome is started by default, but we
> need to configure a few special options for our lab -- mainly adding
> some new Mime Types and some panel buttons, and turning off the prompt
> when logging out.
> My question -- how can an administrator control the initial panel and
> Mime Types that are installed when a user first runs gnome?  These are
> kept in the .gnome directory, as far as I can tell, but this directory
> contains files with absolute pathnames in them, so I can't just make
> copies of a master account that I've set up.  I could copy files
> selectively after letting the user start gnome once, but I don't like
> this solution for a number of reasons (its less convenient, and I
> worry that I may only get a subset of the files that appear to work at
> first but leave some inconsistency that will be a problem later,
> etc.).
> Please let me know if there is a way to accomplish this.  I looked at
> the Gnome documents, hunted around the file system for a template for
> gnome installation, and did some searches of this mailing list's FAQ
> and archive, but so far without success.  I apologize if I overlooked
> an existing answer to this question.
> Dave Wonnacott
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