Re: themes and netscape

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, jason majors wrote:

>I've noticed a few themes at show netscape using the theme
>instead of it's ugly gray borders. How is this done? Is it a special
>version of netscape or is there just a trick?
>Also does anyone know the .gtkrc settings to change the color of an edit
>window? I've tried every combo of style and brackt-value i could think
>of. I also can't figure out the one for tooltip background colors.
>Anybody know that one?

Don't get forget it is possible to tell netscape what colours to use for
its fore and background colour with command line options. (I think
something like -bg and/or -fg followed by a named (eg black) or hex value 

To prove it, try 
$ netscape -bg lightblue
for starters.

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