Re: When Apps Crash...

> > > I notice a number of applications crash when I try to use them. I'm
> > > certain its probably the application that is crashing, but it occurred to
> > > me it might be nice if Gnome would tell me when they crash.
> > Press ctrl-alt-F1 or whatever virtual terminal you started X from, and
> > there'll be an error message there. An app might be able to tell you itself
> > that it's crashed by connecting a signal to the SIGSEGV signal (actually,
> > I'm not too sure about this, I've not played with signals much), but I don't
> > think another program is able to listen for signals sent to other processes
> > (again, I'm probably wrong).
> Yes, I understand. That's how I've been figuring it out. I guess I was
> looking to make a suggestion to the Gnome developers. I get the impression
> from other posts to this list there is a "wish list" place. Maybe I should
> try to find it.

Would it be possible to redirect stderr for applications launched by
Gnome, so that error messages would appear in a window (or scroll past on
the desktop background) rather than appearing on the console? Also,
perhaps you could have a "core watcher" applet that would pop up an icon
if a core file appeared, and allow you to find out which app had produced
it? (This already happens if an app dies in ~/.gnome_desktop, but could
you watch for core dumps elsewhere?)

Michael Rogers

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