Undefined symbol in gnome-libs

Hi, I have been having trouble with Gnome since reinstalling
everything after a hard drive crash.  This report is based on
a Redhat 5.2 system, with no old devel rpms around.  (At least
I haven't found any hiding anywhere.)

I have


Everything compiles fine from CVS.  My current build was pulled just before
Redhat's move.  (Sometime Thursday, I think.)

Here's the problem.  With every build I've had since my reinstall,
the panel has run just fine, but every program I've tried gives the
following error:

gtop: error in loading shared libraries
/home/john/Gnome/lib/libgnomeui.so.31: undefined symbol: gdk_imlib_get_cache_info

This happens with gtop, gmc, and gnomecc, at least.

Can anyone shed enlightenment on how I'm screwing up?  :)

Thanks in advance,

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