Re: Tab completion in gmc

In message <>, Guillermo S. Romero / unna
med / Familia Romero writes:
| >It will simply put the characters that it has completed AHEAD of where 
| >the user is typing and these characters are selected. If the user keeps 
| >on typing then the suggested characters will be typed over.
| IIRC that point has been discused in the GUI list. And IIRC discarded cos it
| does non asked things. In other words, the computer behaves like an

The worst part is that anything that's selected in X takes over the screen's
primary selection (normally, at least, and that's the expectation).  Use of
the completion scheme from WinXX would therefore affect global state
unexpectedly.  I, for one, would be highly annoyed if completion deselected
text in an xterm that's waiting to be pasted into whatever window is
supposed to be affected by the completed value....

One could use a non-exported selection, but that is counterintuitive to X11

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