Re: Gnome pager - suggestions/bugs wrote:

> ->    Also, why does button 2 (which requires chording on my mouse) have to be
> ->  pressed to minimize an app using the task list?  I prefer the method used by
> ->  icewm (and Win98 for that matter), where the first button can minimize programs.
> ->  (I'm not sure what button 2 _should_ be used for, but I want to use button 1 to
> ->  minimize apps. :-)
> butotn 1 is set focus / de-iconify / raise, right buttonis a popup menu
> of actions. Sorry if you are mouse-button imparied but gnome alreayd
> requires a middle butotn to move applets - there is an alternative with
> a menu option and there is one for the pager too.

Would it be possibly to make the button 1 configuration "intelligent" so
that it would minimize if the window was already de-iconified and had
focus and at the top?  :)

Jesse D. Sightler

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