Re: Gnome pager - suggestions/bugs

On 27 Jan, Daniel Burrows scribbled:
->    The pager would be much, much more useful if it were possible to drag windows
->  around inside it and to drag windows onto it.  (like in the olvwm pager)

unless you want to write the code I dont have time to even start on
this right now.

->    Also, why does button 2 (which requires chording on my mouse) have to be
->  pressed to minimize an app using the task list?  I prefer the method used by
->  icewm (and Win98 for that matter), where the first button can minimize programs.
->  (I'm not sure what button 2 _should_ be used for, but I want to use button 1 to
->  minimize apps. :-)

butotn 1 is set focus / de-iconify / raise, right buttonis a popup menu
of actions. Sorry if you are mouse-button imparied but gnome alreayd
requires a middle butotn to move applets - there is an alternative with
a menu option and there is one for the pager too.

->    In addition, I use focus-follows-mouse and would like to extend that to the
->  pager, so that if I move the mouse over the task-button of a visible,
->  non-iconified window, it gains focus.  I've attached a patch which
->  attempts to do both of these, but the focus-follows-mouse stuff doesn't quite
->  work, mainly because windows get raised instead of just being focused.  Maybe
->  someone with a few more X clues than me can fix that.

what are you caling to set the focus in the pager? notice that 

client_win_show(); in the pager calls...

  XSetInputFocus(GDK_DISPLAY(), t->win, RevertToPointerRoot, CurrentTime);
  XRaiseWindow(GDK_DISPLAY(), t->win);
  XMapWindow(GDK_DISPLAY(), t->win);

->    Windows which are deiconified by clicking on their taskbar
->  representation get an active border but their button remains undepressed and
->  they don't have input focus.  What's this a symptom of?

what WM are you using? works here in E.

->    One other thing, when I select an unfocused window in the taskbar, the
->  following sequence of events occurs:
->    (1) I press the button down.
->    (2)  the task button depresses.
->    (3) I release the button.
->    (4) The task button momentarily flickers back to an undepressed state,
->        and the window gains focus (at about the same time, I don't know which
->        comes first)
->    (5) The task button becomes depressed again and the 

mainly bcause its still a little bit of a hack - I really should make my
own widgets, but for easy fo programming and use i recycled buttons.
the pager display needs soem work too.

->    Eliminating the flicker in (4) would be a nice aesthetic change.
->    Ok, hope this is useful!

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