Re: Gnome-core problems (w/ long attachment)

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999 05:08:48 +0000, James M. Cape
<> wrote:

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>With the following system:
>Linux 2.1.133
>Glibc 2.0.110 (99.01.21 snapshot)
>Egcs 1.1.1
>Autoconf 2.13
>Automake 1.4.1
>Libtool 1.2d

What glib/gtk+/imlib/gnome-libs?

>CVS Gnome-core dies with the attached errors.

Well, it looks perfectly like you are using an old version of gnome-libs.
Even if you have installed the latest one from CVS, maybe you still have a
'gnome-libs-devel' package installed from whatever distribution you are

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