Re: Bug in Enlightenment?

>Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 18:26:44 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Re: Bug in Enlightenment?
>For everyones info....... I think I found it.. its in some recent focus
>history code.. the code basically would at times when ceratin
>conditions prevailed simply lose track of a clients window (the pointer
>to the data struct just went awol into NULL space) - I fixed and
>committed to CVS. Try the next snap.

Many thanks - it's certainly fixed the problem for me =O)

I had a small problem building it (ditto since about the snap of the 25th) where 
the the biggest list of .png files in the Makefile in src/themes/pix is cut off 
right in the middle of the small tooltip cloud's filename.  Fixed by finishing 
off the list from an "ls".  I can only imagine this is caused by a similar 
problem with echo in Solaris as caused me all my libtool problems in Gnome 
0.99.2?  Dunno if it's practical to split the building of that variable up into 
two sections?

As far as the E executable goes, my only remaining problem is when starting it 
up on 2 screens having changed the .cfg files.  Since there are 2 iterations of 
enlightenment reading the files and writing the .preparse files at the same 
time, I sometimes get some weird errors from the iteration on screen :0.1, and 
now *always* get a SEGV window on screen :0.0.  Logging out and in again (now 
with up-to-date preparse files) solves the problem, so it's not a killer.

Many thanks,

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