Re: Tab completion in gmc

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, James M. Cape wrote:

> Well, since SHIFT+TAB is already taken for backwards widget switching,
> and most WM's have ALT+TAB as the default for switching windows, this
> leaves CTRL+TAB as a comfortable default (But allowing the user to
> change this is always a good idea).

Definately.  Things should always, within reason, be user configurable.
If a user really doesn't mind being forced to use the mouse at
inconvienient times (or some other such thing) in favor of having
completion (or something else) set to tab, he should be able to.

Marcus Brubaker

What you have here is an example of that well known phenomenon, A Bookshop
Assistance Who Knows Buggerall But Won't Admit It (probably some kind of
arts graduate).
        -- (Terry Pratchett,

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