Re: Tab completion in gmc

Just a thought, but could we make a "double tab" do completion?  This
might be harder than it's worth, but I think it would be ideal.

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Jason Tackaberry wrote:

> > It's already there.  Typing ESC-Tab in the Location entry will tab-complete
> > for you.  However, this highlights how unintuitive a key-combo this it.  It
> > should just be a simple matter of changing this...
> Yes, this awfully unintuitive.   I would much prefer tab completing than moving to the next widget.  The problem is if we change the default behaviour of tab
> in this case, it will also be confusing for those who expect tab to work as
> it normally does.  But again, I think it's okay to break it in this case. :)
> In any event, esc-tab segfaults gmc on me.  Here's a backtrace for those who
> are so inclined to fix it:
> ** WARNING **: FIXME: actually compute the real size of the listbox
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x40435a91 in index ()
> #1  0xbffff454 in ?? ()
> #2  0x80aeec8 in x_init_dlg (h=0x820f368) at gmain.c:295
> #3  0x806542d in init_dlg (h=0x820f368) at dlg.c:830
> #4  0x80654e4 in run_dlg (h=0x820f368) at dlg.c:899
> #5  0x809b379 in complete_engine (in=0x81b8470, what_to_do=2)
>     at complete.c:1041
> #6  0x809b46b in complete (in=0x81b8470) at complete.c:1066
> #7  0x806ba89 in handle_char (in=0x81b8470, c_code=521) at widget.c:1568
> #8  0x806bced in input_callback (h=0x81a6fe0, in=0x81b8470, Msg=4, Par=521)
>     at widget.c:1639
> #9  0x80652d2 in dlg_key_event (h=0x81a6fe0, d_key=521) at dlg.c:735
> #10 0x80aea9b in dialog_key_pressed (win=0x818db48, event=0x81a5850, 
>     h=0x81a6fe0) at gmain.c:177
> [ ... and so on ... ]
> Jason.
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