[BUGS] Misc. gnome bugs after a little play


I installed 0.99.3 RPMs as provided by Dr. Mike. Below are 12
bugs/observations with the software. Sorry to list so many bugs without
fixing any of them - I almost feel guilty! Are people interested in being
bombarded with bug lists like this?

As a general comment the core stuff - well the panel - is looking very
stable and I love it's configurability!

On with the bugs


1) gtop - try and bring up process details using right mouse button over a
process - segfault

2) Try and renice a process owned by a different user - "permission
denied". Now send a signal to a process owned by a different user - no
message why operation failed (should be permission denied) 

3) gtop - occasionally ugly. Default font too big. Memory usage pane "too"

4) gmc - right click on a file and choose "properties" => crash **
CRITICAL **: file gprop.c: line 49 (gprop_filename_new): assertion
`filename != NULL' failed

5) gmc - double click on .rpm file to view contents => crash GLib-CRITICAL
**: file ghash.c: line 131 (g_hash_table_lookup): assertion `hash_table !=
NULL' failed. 

6) gmc - wrongly treats .bz2 file like .tar.bz2 => elect to extract .bz2
file from right-click menu and tar is launched (it bombs of course) 

7) gmc - bring up preferences dialog. All tabs are ~1 pixel high and

8) gnome-stones. Launch game. Title screen shows. But game cannot be
started, "This game needs a plugin, that is not available." 

9) gmc - a lot of things with big icons are missing small icons e.g. .ps,
.bz2, .rpm etc.

10) "system info" -> Disk information. All mounted filesystems say "0

11) "system info" -> memory information. % of memory used should not
include cache and buffer - or users will get upset when they have nothing
running and it says "90% used". Luckily I know better.

12) control centre -> theme selector. Randomly refuses to do previews if
you swap between the themes a few times. Randomly refuses to display theme
info too.

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