GtkICQ suggestion

  It would be nice if GtkICQ could automatically set the user's away state when
the screensaver is activated.  I recently implemented this in a friend's
AIM client pretty simply; I created a callback routine which ran a selected
program periodically (eg, every 10 seconds) and used the return value to check
whether a screen saver was running.  For xscreensaver, the program needed
(although it could be tweaked to deal better with the case where xscreensaver
isn't running) was:
xscreensaver-command -time | grep non-blank > /dev/null 2>& 1
  I found a function in autoaway.c that seems to do something similar, but it's
based on checking how long the display has been idle, if I understand it
correctly.  I have a very crude patch attached to this message which makes it
execute the file /usr/local/bin/test-xscreensaver instead and go idle or return based on the reesult of that call.  There are a bunch of problems with it but
hopefully it at least demonstrates what I was thinking of.
  Maybe letting the user choose which method to use would work?

  Daniel Burrows

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