Screensaver problems/questions

  Just started using the screensaver and I'm running into a glitch. I go
into 'control center/workspace/screensaver' pick one out and set the
time, no password, no power management, click ok and save it. Then
doing a 'ps' I see this:

mhall      583  0.0  0.8  2348   528   1 S    12:41   0:04 xscreensaver -no-splash -timeout 10 -nice 10 -xrm *programs:\011/usr/X11R6/lib/xscreensaver/flame -root

  Things work great, screensaver works, lock screen works.

  After quitting gnome though and restarting it things go back to 'random'
mode and with 'ps' I see this:

11172   1 S    0:00 panel --sm-config-prefix /panel-a01834/ --sm-client-id 11c7d
11185   1 Z    0:00  \_ (panel <zombie>)
11174   1 S    0:00 gmc --sm-config-prefix /gmc-a01832/ --sm-client-id 11c7d948c
11178   1 S    0:00 gnome-smproxy -clientId 11c7d948cc00009171309000000007069000
11182   1 S    0:00 /bin/bash -c xscreensaver >/dev/null 2>&1 
11184   1 S    0:00  \_ xscreensaver 
11186  ?  S    0:00 gnome-name-service 
11188  ?  S    0:00 gen_util_applet --activate-goad-server gen_util_applet 
11194  ?  S    0:00 gnomepager_applet --activate-goad-server gnomepager_applet

  Xscreensaver is just being started in default mode, not with the settings
from gnome. If I go back into the control center, it still shows my desired
settings and if I change something (to force the buttons to become active)
and then click ok and exit now a 'ps' shows xscreensaver running with the
desired settings once again.
  Seems like after quitting gnome and then restarting gnome it doesn't pick
up on the saved screensaver settings and justs starts a default xscreensaver
daemon. Is this a bug or something in my setup ?

Life is a sexually transmitted and terminal disease.

Mike Hall <>, (MH993)   -
System Administrator (*nix, Perl, CGI hacker, certified OS/2 Specialist)

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