Re: Bug in Enlightenment?

>From: "Michael H. Warfield" <>

>	When it started happening, I switched to CLICK_TO_FOCUS and
>I didn't loose a single window after that.

I just tried this - using CLICK_TO_FOCUS and running my same "circling mouse on 
each screen" test, this time clicking each window on the way around.

At firdt it seemd to work.  The suddenly I'd lost focus on 2 windows in :0.0 and 
1 in :0.1.  I tried clicking the Fucus control switch on :0.0 to see if cycling 
arounf the Focus types might have an effect, but this hung E on both screen 
completely.  Fortunately I still had keyboard focus on on Eterm and was able to 
kill my way out again.  Not having virtual consoles on Solaris can be a pain.

>... Enlightenment will only
>switch focus and raise the window if I click on the window decorations.
>That can get to be a problem if the decorations are hidden by other
>windows.  Sometimes, it seems like it won't raise the window unless I
>specifically click on the title bar, clicking on the sides or resize
>handles don't raise the window.  I'm not quite sure what causes that.

Hmmm, probably a stupid question on my part, but have you tried clicking the 
borders with the 2nd or 3rd mouse buttons?  Oddly though, on my system, clicking 
button 1 anywhere in the window on Click_To_Focus had the desired effect =OZ

Oh well, 3 of us seeing this now.  Hopefully brings the solution closer.


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