Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

where I'm at, if you want the ram, you dont want to use UPS.  Thats why I
said its crushed.  Around me, Fed-X and UPS both use, UPS to deliver, and
only about 1/2 of the stuff gets delivered.  No joke. and yes, its
expensive for ram.  I live in a little ass hick town.  8088's are classed
as "Real computers" are resold for $100 and everyone uses them and wants
to "download thatinernat".  Some friends and I checked a few days back 
and for 1 16 meg simm, ram is $80.94 with tax.  Thats $74.95 + $0.08
/dollar, which is $5.06 a meg.  I could order it, at $2 per meg, pay to
have it delivered, entrust it to some freak with a tail, and have him even
deliver the broken pieces to my house, but I'm not sure I wanna go that


On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Jesse D. Sightler wrote:

> Kevin Miller wrote:
> > not even just there.. I'm in Oklahoma and ram is about $5+ a meg, and with
> > most jobs around me paying minimum wage, its getting harder around me. 
> This is truly baffling, as I know no place in the continental US where
> memory cannot had for under $2 at the max.  You can't really tell me
> that a shipment costs more than $50 can you?  :)  Seriously, why not
> just order via UPS?
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> Jesse D. Sightler


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