panel bug

i'm not sure if these have been mentioned yet, as i've had a little
trouble keeping up with the list, but these have existed since the
0.99.0 rpms and exist now in the most recent rpms:

* the "gnomefoot/panel/global properties..." dialog is very unstable.
any time i try to turn off tiles for a
launcher/menu/drawer/logoutbutton/whatever, the panel crashes. any time
i try to turn off the "..." buttons in menus, the panel crashes. trying
to change the tile used for a
launcher/menu/drawer/logoutbutton/whatever, the panel crashes. These
crashes occur once the changes have been made in the dialog box and i
press either "apply" or "ok".

* the applets that can contain more than one instance per process still
don't behave right. these include the drivemount applet and the
processor/memory usage applets. the specific behavior i've observed is
that, while using three corner panels, any of these "multi" applets
running in corner panels 2 or 3 will create duplicates of themselves in
panel 1.

further details: i haven't compiled any of these myself; everything
(including glib and gtk+) is from the most recent rpm's. i don't run the
gnome-session-manager, i just use "panel" as the last line in my
.xinitrc. hope this helps.

oh, one more unrelated (rather trite) bug: the kernel spams the syslog
with scsi errors when gtcd is run but no cd is in the (scsi) drive. any
way gtcd can be made a little more "kernel-friendly" when it checks for
a cd, or only check for a cd when "play" is clicked or something?

"Only one who has mastered a tradition has a right to attempt to add to
it or to rebel against it." -Chaim Potok, _My Name Is Asher Lev_

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