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Btw, you did a really good job. Thanks for saving the rest of us from
having to do it for each app...

Sean C. Rhea

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On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Jaka Mocnik wrote:

> Michael Lausch wrote:
> > is it possible to have a top level window which looks something like
> > 
> [snip]
> actually, the GnomeMDI is not a widget. it is an interface that (I hope
> ;)
> handles some rather mundane stuff that needs to be taken care of when an
> application opens multiple "documents": it allows for adding children to
> the MDI and opening multiple views of them. it also emits signals on
> certain
> events (when a child/view is added/removed or a new toplevel window is
> created, etc.), it can automatically save and restore layout of its
> windows
> and views in them (useful for session saving), it takes care of adding/
> removing child-specific menu items when a certain child is activated
> (you
> can add any number of different types of children, each type providing
> its
> own menus which are merged with the global ones).
> how the MDI looks is determined by its "mode" (which can be set by user
> via
> look'n'feel capplet), which can be one of:
> a) notebook: each view has its own notebook page. pages can be
> distributed
> between multiple notebooks, each in its own toplevel, by dragging a page
> out of one notebook.
> b) toplevel: each view has its own toplevel window.
> c) modal: only a single view of a single child is displayed in a single
> toplevel window.
> there is no MS-like mode (child windows in a container) to which you
> were
> probably referring. perhaps it will be implemented one day ;)
> regarding your problem, you could (if you choose to use the MDI
> interface):
> a) put the ctree in its own toplevel and register it with the MDI using
> gnome_mdi_register().
> b) put a ctree in each child's view (any GtkWidget can be a view, so you
> could put a ctree in an hbox or an hpane together with the widget that
> will
> actually display your child).
> c) connect a handler to the app_created signal to put the ctree in the
> dock of each GnomeApp created by the MDI. balsa does something like
> this.
> also read the libgnomeui/gnome-mdi* and gnome-hello/gnome-hello-7-mdi.c
> sources. I think I've documented them quite well.
> example applications include ghex, gnome-hello-7-mdi, gwp, gtop and
> balsa.
> regards,
> 	jaKa
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