Re: found db2html for debian in text/cygnus-stylesheets_xxx.deb

Quoting <>:
> Hi,
> As the subject says, I found the db2html in the package
> cygnus-stylesheets_xxx.deb  where the xxx is the version
> which I don't remember off hand.  I got it from potato,
> not slink under the main/text/ directory.
> I looked in the docbook package that Miguel suggested and
> didn't find db2html in it.  Maybe it was moved or whatever.
> But it is easily available for Debian users in this package,
> so if you've had problems, good luck on the compile.  I've
> never made it successfully through the whole project myself.
> Wade

Yup.  It was just uploaded to master on the 20th, and there was
much rejoicing... 


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