Re: Trouble compiling gnome-libs-0.99.4 on Solaris 2.5.1

from the quill of Matthew Ross Davis <> on scroll
> As a Solaris follow up question - has anyone ever successfully
> compiled all of
> GNOME on Solaris?

All?  Isn't "all" a daily moving target?  :-)  I don't have a lot of
need for all of the components of Gnome at the office so I haven't got
it all installed and compiling, but I do have the core and some
peripherals going.

Meaning: enlightenment, panel, most panel apps like pager, clock,
slashapp, mini-commander, etc., control-panel with capplets, gnome-pim,
gnome-utils, esound*

Pretty much everyting that is needed to get the basic desktop off the
ground plus a few apps.

*esound is working for the most part.  I can use esdplay to play sounds,
but it does crap out, (actually it doesn't but enlightenment does) when
enlightenment asks for it to cache a sound.  I think esound is closing
the socket before enlightenment is done or something.  I haven't looked
too closely at it.

After you get all of the support libs in place it goes pretty easy.  I
must say that I am impressed with the portability of it all.  Awesome
work folks!


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