Re: gtkicq not working with "thin ice" gtk theme?

On 24 January, 1999 - Daniel Burrows sent me these 1.3K bytes:

>   Hmm.  thinice broke between a week and two weeks ago for me, I think
> because of changes in CVS GTK+.  When I try to use it, I get an
> undefined symbol error, gtk_style_apply_default_pixmap.  It's too bad,
> that's the best GTK+ theme I've seen out there (if the GTK+ people
> ever want to consider replacing the default theme, this would be a
> good choice :-) )

Thanks. 8) Any suggestion to improve it is welcome..

> I wrote to the authors but they haven't replied yet, does anyone have
> a suggestion for at least a temporary fix? (for example, did the
> function name just change so I can
> s/gtk_style_apply_default_pixmap/<new name>?)

I didn't get any mail.. Anynow... Try just recompiling ThinIce...
That fixed it for me..

Tomas ÷gren,,
|- Student of Computer Science at the University of UmeŚ
`- Sysadmin at {ing,acc}

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