Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

> > anbd to be honest. the numebr of 486's + 16 Mb of ram that will run
> > gnome compared to those on PII-300's is minimal - especialy considering
> > tat machines get faster - if you D have a 486+16mb ram then reduce the
> > settings yourself. GNOem shoudl NOt go overriding a users imlib prefs.
> > ever.
> 1,000,000 machines running Red Hat/GNOME (being deployed in Mexico as
> we speak) are under Pentiums and not even half of them have 32 megs of
> ram.
> > GNOem shoudl NOt go overriding a users imlib prefs.
> > ever.
> GNOME should not be forced into "We have got a Cray to run this" mode
> that E does on its users.  Again, see my post on how to fix this in gtk-engines.

Agreed, but the idea of having a capplet that is geared to the
"naive" user to set reasonable defaults is a good idea. I.e. if 
the user sets "low ram", then the imlib cache setting is set to a
reasonable value. 

A beginner is not going to like the imlib-config. Although it is 
absolutely cool, with all due respect Raster, it would be a little 
daunting for my mom ;-)

How about calling the capplet "performance"? The user could set:

Performance options:

  [X] Automatic

  [ ] Manual:
      Processor speed: [ ] 486 
                       [ ] 486 > 100MHz , K5 
                       [X] Pentium < 200MHz  
                       [ ] PentiumMMX >= 200MHz, K6
                       [ ] Pentium II class, K6-2

      Memory:          [ ] 32 MB
                       [X] 32-64 MB
                       [ ] 64+ MB

      Display:         [X] Local  (Workstation)
                       [ ] Remote (X-terminal)
      Video card:      [ ] Fast
                       [X] Medium
                       [ ] Slow
  [ ] Disable 


and gnome would do some funky stuff with Imlib to give optimal 
performance. This could also be used with the Canvas/gdk 
discussion to not use the anti-aliased canvas on a remote display. 

Raster can always choose "Disable", I might use "Manual" and my mom can
use "Automatic". Reasonable defaults can be obtained from /proc/cpuinfo,
/proc/meminfo and xdpyinfo. Just a thought.


Michiel Toneman

Actual Office Assistant quote: "You seem to be writing a letter.
Would you like any help?". Die, paper clip dude, DIE!!!

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