Re: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

> there are preferences - edit them. Unlike some I provide a way of
> changing preferences. If you want gnome to run on your 486 then provide
> a default setup for your 486's with 16Mb. 1,000,000 machines are sold
> by the week in the USA - and those are PII-400's and faster. the <
> pentium machines days are numbered. your example of 1million machines
> in mexico is not an example of what the lions share of the PC market is.

Linus is far from having the market share in the US now, so your
million machines a day figure does not even make sense.

> and yet I provide cases for the PII-450 owners and the 486 owners toget
> the best performance. You simply nuked performance for everyone except
> 486 owners. That is worse that anythying else.

No, my patch just fixed that.


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