RE: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

Hmm, could gtk be rewriten to check for the pixmap engine? If the pixmap
engine is loaded, default to cache and if the pixmap engine is not used
default to no cache?

Or how about this. Store the setting in the theme.
If the theme uses the pixmap engine it would set the default to cache
otherwise it defaults to no cache

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> To:	Fox, Kevin M
> Subject:	RE: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow
> > I just tried it as well. It does speed up the computer significantly. :)
> > If the cache is so much faster, shouldn't it default to cache instead of
> > defaulting to no cache?
> The problem is that then every application that does not use the
> Pixmap theme has 500k of memory that can never be released.
> Miguel.
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