Re: gnome slow

I find GNOME slow on my machine, but I think it's because of all the
swapping.  I have a Pentium 120 and 32MB RAM.  I have 64MB swap space and
while GNOME is running I have at best half the swap space free, sometimes
it's running 100% real mem and 40-45MB of swap.  This is probably due to
the fact that all the binaries are unstripped.

One thing that does bother me is the jerkiness of the panel sliding.  It's
OK that it's slow, but there is no double-buffering.  Every time it moves,
the background gets drawn before the little tab with the arrow, creating a
lot of flashing.  I suppose that's the WM's fault (Enlightenment).

Plenty of GTK apps I have seen use double-buffering well (though some
don't).  One particularly good one is gnothello.

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