RE: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Richard Hult wrote:

> On 22 Jan, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> > I have looked into the cheese theme. It is fast because it doesn't use the
> > pixmap engine.
> Oops, sorry. I thought that Cheese used the pixmap theme since it has a
> nice cheese background pixmap :) Well, that explains why it's so fast
> then.
> > It seems that all themes that actually use the pixmap engine are slow.
> > 
> > I meen slow in the fact that it is slow on a PII 450 and on a PII dual 350.
> When I run pixmap themes here (P166) I can see everything getting
> redrawn lots of times, causing flickering. On my faster computer with
> much faster  graphics and a PII 233, the flickering doesn't show but
> it's really really slow. To the point of being muuuch slower than
> Win95/98. 
> I dont know where to start looking but it certainly seems like something
> is wrong... right?

>From what I've seen when things get really slow, it's redrawing too many
times and out of order.  IE, change notebook pages somewhere.  It first
draws the new page directly over the first, then redraws things a few
times until it's finally proper.  Raster or someone more GTK+ savvy want
to look at this, this is becoming an issue that needs some attention.  It
may actually be in GTK+ itself and in the less CPU/mem intensive themes it
doesn't show up.

Marcus Brubaker

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