RE: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

On 22 Jan, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> I have looked into the cheese theme. It is fast because it doesn't use the
> pixmap engine.

Oops, sorry. I thought that Cheese used the pixmap theme since it has a
nice cheese background pixmap :) Well, that explains why it's so fast

> It seems that all themes that actually use the pixmap engine are slow.
> I meen slow in the fact that it is slow on a PII 450 and on a PII dual 350.

When I run pixmap themes here (P166) I can see everything getting
redrawn lots of times, causing flickering. On my faster computer with
much faster  graphics and a PII 233, the flickering doesn't show but
it's really really slow. To the point of being muuuch slower than

I dont know where to start looking but it certainly seems like something
is wrong... right?


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