USER report

> Is the GNOME team ready yet to accept user-level reports as opposed
> to developer-level reports? I'm under the impression that GNOME is
> to to make it into general distribution within 6 months, or so. If
> so, it's probably getting time to hear from non-developers.

yes, we are ready.

perhaps you are right, we need to create a mailing list for user
problem reports and suggestions.

> 4) 'mcserv' would not install, needing 'portmapper'. I'm a bit
>    surprised I don't have this, standard, but this IS a ppp
>    connected workstation. I get the impression that this would
>    let me open gmc panels against directories on my system at
>    work, when connected. Useful - what is the simplest/smallest
>    way to get portmapper.

Mhm.  portmap is optionally used by mcserv to register a port, but
it can be used without this.

You can usualy find portmap in the portmap package.

> 5) gmc tended to be fragile, and didn't get a lot of use. As a
>    suggestion, when gmc is opened to my home directory, that
>    should be the 'root' of the left panel instead of the real
>    root. The left panel tends to have too much information, and
>    gets to be a navigation problem. There would need to be a way
>    to 'reposition' the root of the left panel, in that case.

this should be fixed on the very latest version of the gnome-libs/gmc

> 6) Every startup, GNOME leaves a core dropping in my $HOME. It
>    doesn't seem to impair function, oddly enough. For a while
>    I was getting 'critical GTK assert' errors in my stderr
>    output from the panel, but those have stopped.

Some GNOME program is crashing.  

Can you figure out to which program this core file belongs?  And try
to run this program from a terminal window, it would be better if you
could get a stack trace of the crash.


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