RE: gtk+ and gtk-engines slow

I have noticed that there is a big speed difference between different
pixmaps themes. The cheese theme is almost as fast as the default theme
while the gradient theme is veeery slow, to the point of not being
usable, not even on a PII 233 MHz box.

These two themes differ in that the Cheese theme uses a tiled pixmap as
background for everything and the Gradient theme has a pixmap that is
streched to fit everything. My guess is that this is a bit

One more thing that I have noticed is that the pixmap theme has become
slower over time. Unfortunately, I can only give this really
vague report about this. But I remember the good old days, when I could
use the gradient theme :)

I have tried to look at the changelogs to see what could have caused
the slowdown, but I haven't really managed to find anything.


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