Compilation on Irix 6.2

Hi there,

First i would like to say hello. I hope that someone reads my mail. The
amount of
messages of this list is realy big.

A couple of days now i'm spending to compile gnome on an indy running

What a work! I compiled and installed successfully a lot of packages
gmake, gcc,gawk,4m,libtool,gettext,glib 1.1.13,gtk+ 1.1.13,
freetype 1.2,libaudiofile,esound 0.2.7,libguile 1.3,
libgif 3.0,jpegsrc.v6b,libz.1.1.2,tiff-v3.4,libungif 4.0
libpng1.0.1,libgr-2.0.13,libgr-scripts,imagemagick 4.0.5
imlib 1.9.1,fnlib-0.4,

uff and then

Orbit 0.3.91,
gnome-libs 0.99.4,

gnome-games, utils, network, pim etc.

Everything works very well including the enlightenment window manager,
mc etc.
Expect the panel applets and the gnome-name-service. I think that the
applets are
not working because the gnome-name-service is not working. It seams,
that the call
to the glib funtion g_main_run (gnome-name-server.c) loops only once.
Therefor, the gnome-name-service exits normely by writing 'exiting' to
the syslog.

In fact, the gnome-name-service is not running.

I would like to submit a webpage with installationinstructions and i
would also like to
help gnome to grow by distributing the SGI binaries. But first i would
like to solve the

Bevore i start to look deeper into the sources, i would like to know if
there are other
indy owners who has tried to build gnome on irix6.2. Do you have the
same problems ?

Many thanks for your help


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