toolbar strange problem

Hi all!

My prepare_app function looks like this:

>/* show all the widget hierarchy */
>gnome_app_create_toolbar(glb_app, toolbar);
>gnome_app_set_contents(glb_app, wContainer);
>gnome_app_create_menus(glb_app, mainmenu);
>wStatusBar = gtk_statusbar_new();
>gnome_app_set_statusbar(GNOME_APP(glb_app), wStatusBar);
>Like this, when the main window shows up, the toolbar is shown before the
>menu bar, that is:
>- T O O L B A R -----------------------------------
>- M E N U   B A R ---------------------------------
if I put the gnome_app_create_toolbar line after gnome_app_create_menus, no
toolbar is displayed. So what am I doing wrong or what am I missing?

Thanks to all

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