GDM works!

  I finally got gdm to work for me.  Sort of.  I've got a list of the
problems that I had running it and the bugs I still see, major and minor.
It's a short list, don't worry. :-)

  First, there were two problems that were causing gdm to not work at all.
gdm complained because ~/.gnome/gdm had been created with too many permissions
(it wanted 644); I don't know how this file is created but probably creating
it with 644 would be a good idea.
  Second, my Sessions/Default wasn't working properly, because gdm expects
it to be a link to a file in the Sessions/ directory.  I had linked it to
my global Xsession file in /etc/X11.  I got around this by linking
Sessions/Xsession to /etc/X11/Xsession and then linking Default to Xsession,
but it seems like the other link ought to work.

  Ok, so much for that.  I noticed three problems when I actually ran it,
ranging from nuisances to one that is keeping me from running it.

  * The face-browser shows faces for a lot of non-accounts such as mail,
  nobody, etc.  Is there a way to not show faces for accounts which can't
  log in normally?

  * KillInitClients=1 still leaves xbanner running (it was started in my
  Init script).  I think it could be killed from, say, a PreSession script,
  but it's a bit of a nuisance.

  * The showstopper, though, is that gdm doesn't seem to perform any
  authentication at all; I can log in without even giving a password, or
  with the wrong password.  This doesn't seem like a good thing to me.

    As soon as this is fixed, though, I think I may replace gdm with xdm.

    Good work!


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