latest GMC coredumps again.

Sorry, it seems that every time I get the latest GMC build and try it, I report 
a coredump =O(

This time it gets as far as drawing the window, and most of the tree on the 
left, and then it goes thus:

Core was generated by `gmc'.
Program terminated with signal 10, Bus Error.
(gdb) where
#0  0xfee13a90 in XSetFont ()
#1  0xfeec5f10 in gdk_draw_string (drawable=0x33c6b0, font=0x23b868, 
    gc=0x1df590, x=135, y=62, string=0x22ce38 ".") at gdkdraw.c:218
#2  0xff2eb07c in iti_paint_text (iti=0x23b7f0, drawable=0x33c6b0, x=94, y=62, 
    just=GTK_JUSTIFY_CENTER) at gnome-icon-item.c:450
#3  0xff2eb198 in iti_draw (item=0x23b7f0, drawable=0x33c6b0, x=1963408, y=50, 
    width=295, height=232) at gnome-icon-item.c:482
#4  0xff2b4824 in gnome_canvas_group_draw (item=0x23b7f0, drawable=0x33c6b0, 
    x=0, y=0, width=295, height=232) at gnome-canvas.c:1771
#5  0xff2b7e6c in paint (canvas=0x21b1e8) at gnome-canvas.c:3083
#6  0xff2b8044 in idle_handler (data=0x21b1e8) at gnome-canvas.c:3149
#7  0xfeba6494 in g_idle_dispatch (source_data=0xff2b7f24, 
    current_time=0xffbef230, user_data=0x21b1e8) at gmain.c:1203
#8  0xfeba51a4 in g_main_dispatch (current_time=0xffbef230) at gmain.c:640
#9  0xfeba5808 in g_main_iterate (block=2624, dispatch=1) at gmain.c:829
#10 0xfeba5a18 in g_main_run (loop=0x328b70) at gmain.c:887
#11 0xfefb65a0 in gtk_main () at gtkmain.c:456
#12 0x94908 in gtkrundlg_event (h=0x1e4300) at gmain.c:343
#13 0x2ca40 in run_dlg (h=0x1e4300) at dlg.c:903
#14 0x94eb0 in create_panels () at gmain.c:544
#15 0x293e4 in setup_mc () at main.c:1828
#16 0x29fd8 in do_nc () at main.c:2193
#17 0x2aff8 in main (argc=1, argv=0xffbef66c) at main.c:3015
(gdb) list
2830            tree_file = concat_dir_and_file (home_dir, MC_TREE);
2831            tree_store_save (tree_file);
2832            free (tree_file);
2833    }
2835    int main (int argc, char *argv [])
2836    {
2837    #ifdef HAVE_GNOME
2838        /* Just to time things */
2839        printf ("GNU Midnight Commander " VERSION "\n");

I can't see how this list is of any real use.  Does this make more sense to 
anyone else?

I also grabbed Imlib 1.9.1 and the other GNOME releases of the last day or so, 
plus GTK/GLIB 1.1.13, and built them all.  I still get black backgrounds on my 
PNG images =O(

Oh well,

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