Re: ORBit-0.3.91/libIDL: IDL.h, lot of problems on my compiler

In fact there are lots of problems more. I am giving up with cc though
it produces good code. I am switching to gcc, in my experience it
produces very slow code for mips4. Can somthing be done about the
compiler compatibility!!

- // coments are not allowed
- struct fu; fu = {bla1, bla2, bla3}; is not allowed when bla1 is not a
constant etc.
- #warning directive is not recognized by cc

Apart from this I want to check line 708 of utils.c I am leaving the
code as it is.

HADAP Sunil wrote:
> Hi!
> There are lots of lines with "#   error" in IDL.h in
> ORBit-0.3.91/libIDL. For these though compiler does not crib, it just
> can't go ahead with following errors.
> "IDL.h", line 91: warning(1011): unrecognized preprocessing directive
>   #warn 64-bit integer type not available, using 32-bit instead
>    ^
> "util.c", line 418: error(1020): identifier "tmpfilename" is undefined
>         __IDL_tmp_filename = tmpfilename;
>                              ^
> "util.c", line 708: warning(1184): possible use of "=" where "==" was
> intended
>                 assert (IDL_NODE_TYPE (IDL_PARAM_DCL
> (p).simple_declarator) = IDLN_IDENT);
> I am using cc version 7.2.1 on IRIX 6.5
> What can be a problem
> Thanks
> Sunil
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