Re: gtk_toggle_button_set_active errors

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Adam Keys wrote:

> For the past couple of days, all of my gtk based software has been plagued by
> undefined references to gtk_toggle_button_set_active and other functions that
> derive from that same idea, such as the checkboxes, etc.
> I'm working from CVS, and I finally got Imlib to build correctly, as well as
> GQMpeg.  However, gnome-libs, gtkicq, and mc have all failed on undefined
> references to the aforementioned function, and I beleive most other things will
> also.
> I've tried dorking around with gtkcompat.h, and I've also checked
> gtktogglebutton.[c,h] to make sure everything is correct under the hood.  Still,
> only mixed results.  So, any help?
> Thanks,
> Adam Keys

I went into this tooo.
I don't know exactly, but it looks that gtk_toggle_button_set_state had
been renamed to gtk_toggle_button_set_active as you can read in the

  Mon Jan 11 15:23:32 1999 Tim Janik <>
  s/gtk_toggle_button_set_state/gtk_toggle_button_set_active/ since
  set_state is already taken by gtkwidget.h.

So you maybe didn't update all your stuff.

The solution for me was to recompile glib, gtk+, imlib, gnome-libs... 
and EVERY gtk app (including many gnome apps, gimp and sane it took
5 hours for me (on a K6 233)).

Cheers, Martin.

| Martin Hawlisch                           |
| |

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