Re: GTK+ Problems

I've had a lot of experience with this problem.  It happened when I
installed Slackware 3.6.  I installed The Gimp from the slackware CD. 
It installed glib/gtk/gimp in /usr/X11R6.  This was glib/gtk 1.0.6

Introduce CVS

After downloading most of gnome cvs for the first time, I started with
glib.  Since glib really is one of the foundation packages it didn't
have any problem compiling.  I did a make install and it went into
/usr/local.  Then I moved to gtk+.  At first I got errors saying it
couldn't find glib > 1.1.  

Try running the following command from anywhere 

funk:~# glib-config --libs --cflags

This will tell you where it's finding the libs and includes to use to
compiling gtk+  You may find that it's using an older version.

Since I was gonna use gimp 1.1 I felt no reason to keep glib/gtk+ 1.0.6
so I removed the following


and so on, removing all of gtk/glib/gimp.  Then I removed the
config.cache from the gtk+ directory and bam! it found and linked to the
right version.  I know there is a way to use both versions but I decided
to take the easy route out

Hope this helps lots of people ;)


Andreas Bombe wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 16, 1999 at 02:52:58PM -0500, Joseph Beharriell wrote:
> > Nope, no luck... I tried make clean, make dist clean, etc. and nothing
> > different than before. Still says that the libraries don't match the include
> > files. Please help! Any other ideas?
> Run ldconfig manually.  Helps me sometimes.
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