Gnumeric 0.7 has been released

Hello guys,

   Gnumeric "Speedy Manatee" 0.7 has been released.

   This version is available in:

   The highlights of this version are:

   New features dept:

	- References to other sheets works, you can use this like this:
	  ='Regional sales'!C5*3

	- New border code.  Getting ready to print the borders on the
	- Menu hints are now available for every menu entry.

	- Standarized the menus (Nat Friendman).

	- Use the statusbar in the code now.

	- You can now rename your sheets by double clicking on the
	  tabs and typing the new name.  How excelish!

   Enhancements dept:

	- Excel importing code has been enhanced by Michael Meeks and
	  Nick Lamb.

	- When inserting/moving columns or rows, the cells moved now
	  do not change their formulas (to keep the sheet working).

   Bug fixes dept:

	- Better default decimal formats

	- Page flipping works correctly if you press on the tab names.

	- Child dialog boxes no longer ignore keystrokes (in

	- Fixed the memory leaks on the Excel plugin (Michael).
	- Provide better error checking for dates (Havoc Pennington)


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