Midnight Commander file manager 4.5.9 is out

Hello guys,

   The new release of the Midnight Commander file manager is out.

   New features in this release:

	* GNOME camp:

		- Jonathan's plugin system for New documents is in (so
		  GNOME applications can install a .dektop file and
		  the user will get a list of possible New documents
		  that can be created). 

		- Uses metadata properly to configure the desktop icons.

		- Fixes the propery dialog boxes for the desktop icons
		  (there were actually 5 bugs hidden here).

		- Better handling of the desktop icon selection (no
		  more grabs are kept).

		- Drops on the desktop with the left button will now
		  *always* be LINK commands.  No matter how hard you
		  click on those modifiers, gmc will do a link.

		  If you want something else, you can use MOD-1, or
		  use button-2 to get the "ask-me-on-drop" menu, which
		  will let you copy or move the files.

	        - The new toolbar code from Jonathan is in.

	* Regular camp:

		- Federico implemented a FileContext, which is a
		  structure that holds all the information for the
		  Copy/Move/Delete operations.

		  So, now there is no longer a global context with any
		  information, the information has been nicely encoded
		  in a structure.

		  This is required for two things:

			- Enhance the Background code (the GNOME front
			  end needs this to launch multiple background

			- Kill a seldom hit race condition in the
			  background code. 

		- Many bug fixes from Paul Sheer, Timur Bakeyev,
		  Norbert Warmuth,  Federico Mena, Jonathan Blandford, 

	* VFS land:

		- Paul Sheer has fixed a number of outstanding bugs in
		  the tarfs code (and in any vfs_s based file systems
		  as well).

		- Watching files from VFs file systems that depend on
		  external command now works on GNOME edition.

    Note that to use this new release you need gnome-libs-0.99.4. 

    You can get your copy from:



Best wishes,

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