RE: mini-commander bug

That is a good idea.
Could the panel stuff be made into a widget?
Then you could use the panel widget in just about anything:
corner panel, edge panel, floating panel, maby even a desktop panel.

Also the problem is not with the drag off code. It seems like it was coaded
to do that so it works better with a verticle panel.
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> To:	Fox, Kevin M
> Subject:	Re: mini-commander bug
> On Mon, Jan 18, 1999 at 02:42:36PM -0800, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> > I dont know, I kinda like it. I have my panel auto hide. Some times I
> want
> > mini comander up all the time and some times I want it in my panel. All
> I
> > have to do is grab it and drag it off.
> yes but is this feature important enough to be causing all these problems?
> the right solution is to write a floating panel type, so that you can
> do the same but sanely (and with any applet) ...
> This should appear shortly as it is on my todo-list
> George
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