off topic- video card help

OK linux gurus.  I'm doing an upgrade so I can split my NT and Linux boxes
up.  I want to replace my STB lightspeed 128 with a good PCI or AGP vid
card that is < $100.00 with good solid X support and that is FAST.  I dont
need a 2d/3d card since I have a Voodoo2 for my gaming pleasure.  I have
read the xserver list of supported cards but supported and works great/runs
fast are different.  I was thinking a matrox g100/200, ATI xpert 98,
diamond g330 (needs xfree86  

ALl help is appreciated.  Best to just eamil me to keep this off this list.
Oh this will be going into a box with an abit BH6 mb, celeron 300a
(overclocked im sure), 128 megs of pc100 sdram, 12 mb Voodoo2 and  a 4.3 gb
Eide HD.


/- Scott Tyson  
/-  ICQ#: 125581

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