RE: mini-commander bug

Maybe have the applet detect if it is in a vertical or a horizontal panel
(can that be done?). one of the reasons I have mini-commander in my panel is
so I can click in the textbox and start spitting commands at it. If it is
small, I cant get at the text box and defeats the purpose of having it there
in the first place. 

As to your bug, I have a similar problem with the gnome terminal program.
Some times if I go away from a gnome terminal, and come back, I cant type in
the terminal.
Maybe the typing problem is in GTK
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> ("Fox, Kevin M") writes:
> > Mini-commander as of the .99.3 tar files randomly shrinks itself very
> small,
> > if you pull it off and put it back, it goes to normal.
> Well, this is a feature ;-) which is especially useful for people with
> a vertical panel.  Did I oversee any drawbacks of this behavior?
> Perhaps I will make this an option.
> BTW, a real bug is that one has to click on the panel to give keyboard
> focus to the detached applet.  But this has nothing to do with the
> applet.
> Cheers,
> Oliver
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