Re: BUG REPORT: gdm on RedHat 5.2 with PAM

Peter Wainwright writes:
>Firstly, I get text messages from the pam_pwdb module such as
>"Your password will expire in N days". These are passed to the
>conversation function with a msg_style of PAM_TEXT_INFO. It seems
>that a valid reply MUST be set here, because Linux PAM 0.59+ will
>expect a response to all messages and will free all the pointers.
>Not setting a response here causes a segfault.
>NOTE: this fix applies only to my system: I guess you should find
>some way of checking the PAM version and acting appropriately.

This is not specific to your system; it's a general thing that is
defined by the sun's implementation of PAM.  We changed Linux-PAM
to follow sun's implementation in this detail perhaps two years
ago.  Therefore, fixing this is the right thing to do for everyone.


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