Re: Volunteer for developement of presentation tools

> One question (also mentioned in the TODO file) is whether to make EZPaint
> support Gdk-mode operation in addition to AA operation. For example, the
> Gnumeric canvas is a Gdk canvas, no? 

It would be nice if EzPaint supported the Gdk mode of the canvas as
well.  As not everyone will be providing AA versions of their code.

My intention is to make Gnumeric work in AA mode soon, so this is not
an issue for gnumeric.

But for slow connections, we will probably run Gnumeric in Gdk mode as
well, so it might make sense.

> Anyway, point being if you depend on affine transforms things won't work
> in Gdk mode, so that could be an issue. Rotation would have to be disabled
> in that case.

Yes, this makes sense.


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