Re: Gnome app start up order.

Franklin Belew writes:
 > On Sun, Jan 17, 1999 at 06:06:58PM +0000, Felix Bellaby wrote:
 > >   1) add a new "SmProperty" called "Priority" which takes an integer
 > >      value. This value would be analogous to the number used in the 
 > >      sysv startup script names under the /etc/rcX.d/ directories.
 > [...]
 > The only problem I see with this is that not all apps support
 > session management in the first place. 

Most X apps speak one of the protocols covered by gnome-smproxy 
and gnome-session. The rest are broken but could still be covered
by putting them into the collection of apps started by gnome-session 
as "preloads". The preloads section (currently edited using the
session-properties dialog) allows you to start anything you like and 
can easily be extended to include priorities.

 > For example, Wmaker crashes when gnome-session kills it.

How precisely ? Give me details and I will address the problem.

If you are getting a "ICE default handler doing an exit()" message 
from Wmaker then this is really a Wmaker problem BUT I am going
to change gnome-session so that these messages disappear because
the ICE libs are so horrid that most apps generate these errors.

 > If you add more properties to the session manager, you need to
 > modify every app that you ever plan to have the session manager 
 > start and stop.

Sorry, I should have included a couple more items:

6) gnome-session would set a default priority of, say, 50, on apps 
   that did not set one for themselves. The user would then ammend 
   that value where necessary and it would be reused in later 
   restarts of the session.

7) The default.session file created when you configure gnome would 
   list the priorities that should be used with the apps that it 
   covers. This would mean that gnome started up with the right
   priorities out of the box, even on apps that do not set priorities.

Only apps that wish to exploit this feature of gnome-session need 
to set the property.


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